How to take care of the skin around your eyes?

For a better care of the sensitive skin around your eyes, you need to use the right kind of moisturizing and use them in the right way as well! Additionally you can opt to use procedures for firming the area around your eyes.

how to take care of your eye skin

Right Moisturizing:

Apart from the fact that good water intake helps to moisturize your eyes, a good moisturizing crème could do wonders. Ample moisturizing is required for the skin area around your eyes since they lack in the count of sebum and hence remain prone to constant dryness. Long lasting moisturizing crèmes will include a good mix of both humectants and occlusive ingredients. No doubt which moisturizer you pick up for yourself from amongst the hundreds available in the market today, you need stick firmly up to them and use them religiously at least twice each day. Your dermatologist could be the best judge in helping you pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type. However make sure that they include all good ingredients like sodium PCA, colloidal oatmeal and hyaluronic acid.

Right Application:

Unless you apply the product right, you will not reap the benefits of any product. Hence you need to apply it right – just below the eyes right up to the edge of the bone – to help it penetrate beneath your eyes and get you the desired effect. Use the eye movement to spread the crème out. Never apply any such product onto the eyelids.

Right firming up:

Although more easily said than done, you can actually use the right kind of firming procedures to help the thin and sagging skin beneath your eyes. This is not the same as the instant lift procedure that uses chemicals for temporary tightening of the skin around your eyes. Firming will bring in the same elasticity back to your eyes in a more natural way. You can get chemical products from the market that helps in such firming up. However to make sure that the product is not phony and will do no big damage to your eyes, you need to always check up with the dermatologist first. At the same time you can use green tea frozen cubes while cleansing your face as this will help you tone up the underlying blood vessels in a more effective and quite natural way.

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